Lifestyle & Consumer Goods

When it comes to promoting lifestyle and consumer products, you’re in safe hands with Convergence. Our team has vast experience profiling consumer brands through integrated marketing communications strategies.

Prior to joining the consultancy Convergence partners and staff have worked client-side in a wide range of PR and marketing roles involving premium liquor brands, wine, telecommunications, music, interior textiles, footwear, snowboards and clothing.

Several of us have worked with international brand in international markets. From launching new brands and brand extensions through to product recalls, we have the expertise to add real value. We know where and how to target consumers, via lifestyle and consumer magazines, to online marketing and social media.

‘Social’ now plays an integral role in shaping brands. But there’s a lot more to it than just getting likes on your page. Digital PR means that more than ever your messages must be authentic to build brand loyalty and engagement.

Devising engaging social strategies is part of any integrated PR campaign we work on. Convergence has their own social expert, Kat Lee who was an early pioneer in the US on all things digital and knows how to build a loyal community online.

Existing and former lifestyle and consumer product clients Convergence has worked with include:

  • Whitestone Cheese
  • Hellers
  • Kiwicare
  • Air Asia X
  • Miranda Brown
  • CoAqua
  • Lone Star Restaurant Group
  • KMS California
  • Goldair
  • Sodastream
  • Splore Festival
  • Murder a Drink
  • Scenic Hotel Group
  • Skellerup