Property, Construction & Infrastructure Work Examples

Izone / Hughes Developments

For nearly a decade Convergence has provided communications support to Izone, New Zealand’s largest development-ready industrial park, covering 180ha.

Our activities have been diverse, from fostering the establishment of the Izone Business Association, development of a community relations strategy, managing an emerging industry cluster grouping, working in close partnership with Izone’s design agency on website content and the wording of marketing materials, issues management and media relations.

“Izone is a large-scale industrial park development, demonstrably the largest of its kind in New Zealand. The project is owned and funded by the Selwyn District Council and managed by our company. In five years – half of which has been in a hard economic environment – we have sold land and developed industrial facilities at a level matching what had historically been achieved for the entire Canterbury marketplace. Central to this success have been an excellent branding programme, targeted marketing to selected industry groups and a well considered communications strategy. Convergence is key both in the establishment and delivery of these programmes/strategies and their wide network of contacts has been invaluable to accessing important influencer groups.”
– Robin Hughes, Owner, Hughes Developments (Izone CEO)

Waimakariri Irrigation

Waimakariri Irrigation Limited (WIL) is a run-of-river farmer owned irrigation scheme with resource consents to take water from the Waimakariri River to irrigate 18,000 hectares. The scheme proposes to construct, use and maintain a 8.2 million cubic metre pond storage system and associated infrastructure for the purpose of storing water abstracted from the Waimakariri River.

The facility will include two ponds on a 120-hectare site and will hold enough water for nine days of full irrigation flow to 18,000ha of farmland. Under the scheme, no more water than already consented will be drawn from the Waimakariri River but water will now be able to be stored when river flows are high and irrigation demand is low.

Currently the WIL scheme does not have storage. This means at certain times of the year, and in particular in dry years, shareholders have restricted access to water. WIL believe surety of water supply is essential to ensure that the financial benefits from farming continue to spread throughout the community – from additional jobs to increases in community facilities.

Convergence has worked with the schemes proponents since 2011. Our activities include providing strategic communications advice, writing letters to key stakeholders, supporting WIL during the resource consent application process and helping communicate key messages in all marketing materials and media relations activities.

“Communications is strategically important to our business and Convergence has played a critical part in every aspect of our dealings with stakeholders, community groups, industry and shareholders. Convergence developed a detailed communications plan for the company and by following a structured approach we have been able to ‘front foot” and positively ‘manage a wide range of issues that face us in the somewhat topical and contentious space of water management and irrigation. They’ve provided full support and advice through an ongoing public consultation process. Other services include media release and liaison, prospectus development, newsletters and other printed material.”
– Brent Walton, General Manager, Waimakariri Irrigation