From government agencies to professional associations, charitable organisations and foundations, to academic institutions or international advocacy groups, Convergence understands the requirements of organisations operating in the non-profit sector.

We can provide 24/7 media advice on all marketing and communications activities to support your organisation’s objectives and deliver tangible results. Convergence staff are skilled communicators and content creators who combine traditional public relations with innovative marketing techniques to connect with your target audience and extend your reach.

Current clients operating in the non-profit sector include Rata Foundation, Girl Guiding New Zealand, St George’s Hospital, Lyttelton Arts Factory, the District Grand Lodge of the South Island (English Freemasons), Laura Fergusson Trust, Southern Cochlear Implant Programme and YHA New Zealand.

Convergence also provides effective internal and external crisis management support to your organisation, delivering clear and concise messages and strengthening your brand in the process. Crises can arise at any time and in any shape or form, significantly impacting on your professional reputation if not handled well. We provide expert guidance to deal with the unexpected by planning ahead and help secure solutions quickly and professionally.

A good event grabs attention like nothing else and Convergence can generate priceless publicity. We will get the word out and create hype by targeting social media as well as traditional communications, and will support your organisation by effectively managing the media.

We are well-connected and have a great working relations approach with our local and national media contacts. This allows us to deliver results exceptional results in print and online news production, radio, broadcast, advertising and social media.

We also partner with fundraising experts and can help you selecting appropriate expertise when and where required.

Convergence owner-partners sit on trust boards and have a sound understanding of governance at both a practical and theoretical level, having completed the week-long Institute of Directors’ Company Directors Course.


  • Husky Rescue NZ
  • Student Volunteer Army
  • Wish For A Smile Trust (WFAST)