What We Do

Community Relations & Consultation

“Do it once and do it well” might be a cliché but it is also truism, and it certainly applies in the field of community relations and public consultation.

Many a territorial authority, health organisation or Government in New Zealand has learned the hard way that skimping on community relationships and public consultation is neither a shortcut nor a money saver. Inevitably, especially in major projects or those with some element of controversy or opposition, not getting the community involved ends up costing a lot more money and a lot more time.

But effective public consultation and community relationships don’t happen by accident – they are planned and they are about a lot more than just telling the community what your organisation intends to do.  Effective community relations and public consultation is a two-way conversation.

That’s where Convergence comes in. Our team has been involved in a number of extensive public consultation projects throughout New Zealand. No need to reinvent the wheel, we’ve written the templates and we not only know what works but, just as important, what doesn’t.

We can build your strategy, and if required, implement it, to bring the community voice into your organisation in a way that adds value, reduces obstructive opposition (as opposed to constructive criticism) and builds a sense of genuine partnership and community ownership.

Utilising everything from the time-honoured Town Hall meeting to the modern approach of outreach through social media, Convergence can produce the plans and deliver measureable results in community relationships and cost effective, outcome positive, public consultation.