What We Do

Content Strategy, Planning & Content Creation

Adopting a highly strategic approach to what you’re saying – how, what, where, when and to whom

Content is King! There is an insatiable appetite for content in the digital world but there is now so much of it. How do you get cut through?  And how do you know if your content is working for you?

At Convergence, we live and breathe content and communication. By engaging Convergence to create your Content Strategy you will streamline the content production process within your organisation, producing better content, engaging your customers in a more meaningful way and ultimately improve your business performance.

The components of a Convergence Content Strategy:

  • Business Objectives
  • Personas
  • Content Framework
  • Content Pillars/Categories/Sub-Categories
  • Content Planning

Business Objectives

We will need to determine what role content plays in helping to achieve your business objectives.

This will involve planning the likely role of content in:

  • your customer relationships and customer service,
  • the sale of your products and services,
  • relate to your brand and the position of your business in your industry – this is especially important given your launch into the market.


At Convergence, we have a specific system that we use to develop detailed personas for your customer groups. These personas pay particular attention to your customers’ digital activities and habits, likes and dislikes. We know what will make them a raving fan of your products and services, and what will make them a detractor. We know where to find them, what influences them and how we can use content to convert them. These personas will be an ongoing asset to your business in all your marketing efforts.

Content Framework

Once we fully understand your personas (customers) and their needs, we develop a Content Framework to shape your Content Strategy. The framework takes into account the context of content you produce, the content purpose and the content recipient.

Content Pillars, Categories and Sub-categories

Convergence will develop content pillars or themes that will underpin your content strategy.  Within those pillars there will be key categories and sub-categories of content.

Content Planning

Over the years, Convergence has developed a proprietary content planning and management system. Part of this system is to develop a bespoke content calendar for you that takes into account not only global and national content milestones but also ties into your Marketing Plan. We generate multiple content ideas for blogs, social and user-generated content and we populate your planning spreadsheet with several weeks of content to get you started. We also teach your staff how to use the planning process and system on an ongoing basis.

Content Production for Blogs, Websites and Newsletters

There is an art to producing quality content that is properly Search Engine Optimised for your website. If you are not optimising your content then your content is not working effectively for you.

At Convergence, we not only produce quality editorial, we create engaging blogs that enhance your customer relationships and improve your search-engine rankings. By engaging Convergence to produce your blogs and your newsletters, we are able to repurpose and amplify your content across your digital channels and ensure that your touchpoints are working together.