What We Do

Digital Audit

As digital communication continues to explode more and more businesses are realising this is a critical component of their marketing mix. Firstly, as a business you need to understand the effectiveness of your current digital initiatives and that is where a Digital Audit comes in.

A Convergence Digital Audit provides a review of the performance of all your digital channels, social media and website. We analyse your Reach, your Architecture, your Content, your Conversion and your Integration.

We begin with an analysis of your website’s domain authority and benchmark you against your competitors in the digital space. Your domain authority is critical to your performance on Google.  If your domain authority is low, you will not be performing well against your competitors in Google search results.  Our Digital Audit will identify how and where you need to improve in order to achieve a better domain authority.


A Convergence Digital Audit will examine traffic levels to your website and identify areas to increase traffic.

We will analyse your performance over each Social channel, going beyond top level metrics to examine your engagement performance and identify areas to improve.

Your database and your Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) strategy is your number one channel for customer engagement and opportunity.  Email is still the premium channel to promote your products or services and is the channel that will return you the most on your investment.  A Convergence Digital Audit will review your newsletter and your EDM data metrics to identify opportunities to increase engagement and sales.  Our strategies will help to improve your email open rates and increase the click through rates to your website.

Ethique, New Zealand’s most innovative cosmetics company, recently improved their click through rate by almost 500% following strategic advice from Convergence.  Prior to engaging Convergence their average click through rate from newsletter to website was 3%, their most recent newsletter achieved an open rate of 44% and a click through rate of 17.5%, well above industry average.


A Convergence Digital Audit will analyse the structure and information architecture of your website. You may have critical errors in your coding that is affecting your performance on Google. We will also analyse the organization and structure of content and navigation on your website to ensure your site is optimized for customer experience.

Our Digital Audit also examines the relationship between your social channels and your website and ensures consistency of structure, links, hashtags and profiles.


A Convergence Digital Audit will examine the performance of your content.  There may be opportunities we can identify to improve your content strategy and content execution.  We will analyse the strength of your content assets and formats to ensure you are producing the breadth of content required to maximize engagement.


Our Digital Audit takes into account the customer journey and funnel through your website and social channels.  We will identify areas where you are losing potential customers along their journey and we can suggest improvements to optimize your conversions. We will also ensure you have the correct “Calls to Action” in all the right places.


A Convergence Digital Audit will examine all your touchpoints to ensure that your digital touchpoints are married to your off line touch points. Have you taken advantage of all available opportunities for integration to streamline your work processes? We will also check to make sure all your digital channels are fully integrated and working in harmony together.

Audience insights

To gain a better understanding of your customers and their digital habits, needs and wants, Convergence will develop a Customer Survey in liaison with you, recommending the best channels to utilise in order to maximise responses to the survey. Convergence mines the data generated by the survey for the right insights, which will inform strategies moving forwards.

Data gained from the survey allows Convergence to develop detailed Customer Personas that shape all your future digital marketing activities. Concurrently, we analyse the journeys your customers take in association with your brand. This ensures we serve the right content and the right functionality to move customers through each stage of their journey towards becoming advocates for your brand.

Landscape review and competitive analysis

By understanding the performance of your current digital marketing assets, Convergence gets insight into how your potential and existing customers are using digital channels. We then leverage this knowledge to improve your digital activities.

Alongside this, a review of your competitors and their relative performance can indicate which digital activities are likely to create competitive advantage or simply level the playing field.

KPI and Measurement framework

In order to properly use assets and improve your digital activity, a strong measurement framework is vital. This can be developed in conjunction with your organisation and be implemented alongside the roll out of the Digital Strategy. This will provide solid return on investment (ROI) data and highlight areas for optimisation and improvement.

Digital Strategy development 

Drawing upon the customer discovery process, the landscape and competitor review, and analysis of your business requirements, Convergence will develop an overarching approach to your digital marketing. This includes indicating the right tactics for you moving forwards, engagement strategies for customer segments and optimised conversion funnels.

Once the Digital Strategy is agreed, Convergence can work with you to implement the strategy across your organisation.

Convergence Implementation Plan

In order to properly execute a Digital Strategy, your organisation will need to ensure you have the right Content Strategy and Content Planning process moving forwards.  These elements form part of the Convergence Implementation Plan.

Another element is the Digital Communication Plan, which identifies what digital channels you should be using for which customer communications.  This will also identify opportunities you are currently not using in order to maximise your communications across the lifecycle of a customer.