What We Do

Digital PR

Traditional PR and Digital PR are complementary and, for most brands, both need to be considered in equal measure in order to achieve business outcomes.

At Convergence, our staff are fundamentally writers and creative content producers who develop strategic content plans, write and edit content to suit different audiences and digital platforms, advise on placement, work to optimise reach and conversions.

Producing the right content is vital to your search engine ranking and visibility; the better your content is, the more time people will spend on your site engaging with your content, and the higher your Google ranking will be.

Online content can allow your brand’s messages to be spread far and wide, and often at great speed. We encourage brands to look for exposure in the traditional media channels of newspapers, TV and radio, but to also cultivate their own target audiences. That’s the beauty of Digital PR, you can talk directly to your target audience and measure results.

Using social media, blogs and website pages allow you to not just share news and useful content, but also create dialogue and ongoing conversations with audiences – this is content marketing.

Good digital PR will help you create lasting conversations and relationships, with the resultant public by combining kick-arse web content with search engine optimisation, social media and customer interaction.

It’s important to start with a Digital Audit, develop a Digital Strategy and then master the day-to-day demands of Digital PR.