What We Do

Digital Strategy

The Digital Strategy clarifies the way in which use of digital assets will help you achieve your business objectives.

A good digital strategy will:

  • enable appropriate benchmarks to be set, and provide customer insights and clarity on how best to digitally service your customers,
  • enable your business to develop customer personas that will impact every area of your marketing activities,
  • provide clarity to customer journeys, so that you know exactly what content and communication to deliver to which customer, at specific times, in order to move the customer to conversion and ultimately gain them as an advocate for your brand,
  • help develop the right processes for the management and measurement of digital moving forwards.

Once the Digital Strategy is developed, implementation involves the creation of Channel and Contact Plans to ensure the right message is being delivered via the right digital channel.  It also involves the creation of a Content Strategy and Content Calendar, which are fully integrated into your overarching Marketing Plan.

The key starting point of the strategy is to ensure that business requirements/objectives are determined, agreed and clearly understood across the business. Convergence conducts one-on-one stakeholder interviews via Skype, phone or in person to provide insight into the following:

  • Identification of your key audience segments, including prioritisation of these segments.
  • Identification of key competitors and services.
  • Detail of identified KPIs for the digital strategy, and their relevance and importance to specific areas of your business (from information garnered in points above, what is the likely expectation on digital strategy outcomes contributing for example to profile of the brand and sales).

A Digital Audit is the next step.