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Internal Communications

No matter the size or type of business you operate –a charity staffed by volunteers, a government department, giant corporate, or something in between – one of your most important audiences is the people within your organisation.

In too many businesses, internal communication sits on the back burner … “we’ll get on to improving it one day when we’re not so busy”. The trouble is, that day often never comes.

If this is your business or organisation, you have a problem.

If your staff are not effectively communicated with, that means not only are they not hearing from you, you’re not hearing from them. When it comes to new ideas to grow the business, or finding more efficient and less expensive ways of doing things, motivated and involved staff are your best asset. But they need to be communicated with, not simply to.

Conversely, unengaged staff who feel isolated from management, and neither involved nor appreciated, are a major reputational risk. People who aren’t motivated to care about their company make more mistakes and care less about the quality of their work, which can be costly.

Worse, if you’re not talking to them you can bet they’ll be talking about you. Uninvolved staff often bad-mouth their own workplace through such channels as social media. The best most productive and innovative people, if they’re not hearing from you, will leave, probably to take up a job with your competitors.

Internal communications, however, is more than a monthly staff bulletin or a few team meetings. It must be planned and have clear and measurable objectives. Senior staff will often need to be trained in communications practice – these skills do not come naturally to everyone.

At Convergence this work is our bread-and-butter. We have set up internal communications policies, systems and procedures, and training regimes for organisations large and small. We research your company and interview your staff to come up with tailor-made solutions for your business that empower your team to communicate in ways that can reduce risk and boost your bottom line.