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Key Messaging

A lot of effort goes into the wording of websites and printed materials, however the words used in personal conversations will probably be much more important to achieving your communication goals.

At Convergence we’re guided by the mantra: “It’s not what you say about your brand, it’s what OTHERS say”. This is why we put a lot of focus on formulating the words and phrases that will ultimately be used at the pub on Friday night, in online chats, or over the table at Sunday’s extended-family lunch. Stop and think about the last time you had a spirited debate on a topical issue or simply choosing one real estate agent over another – it’s highly likely the banter boiled down to just a few key points that represented the nub of the matter.

Best practice in communications almost always requires us to work with clients right at the outset of a project to craft these simple, well-defined messages. This is particularly important with contentious or potentially contentious matters, where if you don’t take control over how your project or initiative is talked about, misconceptions and the rumour mill can quite literally take over. And if those views become entrenched, it can be extremely hard – sometimes impossible – to influence opinion.

From promoting products and services, to achieving social change, a well considered and strategic approach to key messaging is critical to your success.