What We Do

Online Marketing

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is an essential part of digital marketing. This is where we, at Convergence, make the right demographic groups/personas aware of your products and services by encouraging independent bloggers to write about you.  Many bloggers have niche audiences and wide reach; by getting your business in front of their networks, you are effectively marketing to people who will tell others about you. It’s like word-of-mouth marketing in a digital context.

Convergence has a very specific and proven methodology in regard to blogger outreach, making this an area that can add significant value for your business. We identify blogs with good domain authority, standing and followers, and we ensure their niche is your niche before reaching out to them with great content. Blogger outreach not only helps with search-engine ranking, SEO and domain authority, it is one of the best ways of getting ‘free’ traffic to your website.

At Convergence, we have databases of bloggers and contacts around the world to ensure your business finds the right outreach bloggers for your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Like Blogger Outreach, Influencer Marketing lets you tap into influencers’ reach and communities to get the right niche of people talking about your business. This ultimately impacts product/service trust and consumer purchasing behaviour.

The difference being, instead of getting someone to write about you on their blog, we are identifying influencers with a huge and relevant following on social media and getting them to tweet or post about you to their followers.

With the rise of ad blocking, Influencer Marketing is rapidly becoming an essential strategy in your arsenal of marketing tactics. At Convergence, we identify the right influencers for your brand and then handle the negotiations with them, as well as the execution of content. It is not enough to simply identify someone with a large following, we use specific software and tools to help us identify whether they actually engage with and influence their audience. It is this intelligence that helps us in Influencer Marketing negotiations.

In addition to sourcing, negotiating and executing the content, Convergence is also able to track and measure the effectiveness of each influencer and campaign, ensuring we get the right ROI for your business.


Newsjacking refers to the practice of capitalising on the popularity of a news story to amplify your brand awareness, sales and marketing success. Basically, news is breaking every second, and there’s a point at which we have a unique opportunity to ride the popularity wave of a breaking story to benefit your business in some way. The popularity of a news story can die down pretty quickly – sometimes in hours, usually in days, and if you’re lucky, in weeks – but the impact of seizing the story early to benefit your business is huge.

To do newsjacking well, you have to be quick. That’s also one of the biggest benefits of newsjacking. Very quickly and at a very low cost, newsjacking can yield SEO benefits, improve your brand’s reputation, and drive highly targeted traffic, which can turn into leads and even sales.

Convergence has proven expertise in newsjacking. We understand the journalists’ need for comment at the breaking news stage of a story and we ensure those are your comments, positioning you as a thought leader / commentator for your industry, and making gains for your business at the same time.

Working with you, we will determine the critical content areas for your business. Once clear content pillars have been identified, we will establish online notification tools to research key words, monitor breaking stories and global news trends covering topics that relate to your business.

Where possible, we will develop a bank of content covering key content pillars and interject your comments and opinions at the same time as distributing the content. This will ensure content is turned around quickly and distributed to top-tier or second-tier sites in a timely fashion to increase backlinks, generate buzz and media exposure, in addition to driving traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

One of the most common mistakes we find in digital is that a client has not properly optimised their website for search engines. If you have not taken the time to research the most important keywords for your business, and then organised the content on your website to reflect those keywords, adding in the right meta descriptions, then you will not rank in an optimal way with search engines.

Nowadays, if you are not on the first page of Google search results you are not going to generate very much traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimisation involves ensuring the content on your website and blog uses the right keywords and is crafted according to SEO principles.

Search Engine Optimisation is not a complex activity. Rather than outsource it, you might want Convergence to come and train your staff on how to manage this and perform SEO on an ongoing basis.

Paid Content Distribution

In today’s digital world, it’s not enough for a communications company to write great content. It’s about knowing how and where to get that content amplified in the digital world so we can generate more buzz and traffic for your business.

Convergence can advise you on which content assets are worth paying to boost across major online news channels. Working with Content Distribution platforms such as Outbrain or Nativo, Convergence can ensure more eyeballs on your content, generating more leads for your business.