What We Do

Presentation Training

While we admire people who ‘present well’, very few of us are naturals, particularly when cameras, studio lights or a large-ish audience are involved. Even the most confident CEOs often don’t come across well on video, while others fall apart in the presence of an industry peer or suffer stage fright as they step up to deliver a speech.

The reason for this is simple – presenting well is a learned skill. The good news is, with the right advice and guidance, the more you do it, the better you get. You might even get to enjoy it!

At Convergence, we supplement the basics taught by Toastmasters with our own experiences as former TV presenters, radio journalists and speech writers. We’ve quite literally been in your shoes and we know how to do it really well.

Just like our specialist Media Training modules, we offer group training through to tailored one-on-one sessions. Using video record and then playback/review, we’ll quickly identify the areas you need to improve on, then get you to practise different techniques until you see yourself improve on camera.

Convergence has a proven track record in helping clients banish their fears by teaching breathing techniques and exercises designed to eliminate nerves. So relax at the thought of your next presentation challenge by giving us a call.