What We Do

Social Media

Social media is about enhancing and improving your customer relationships, not broadcasting your sales messages.

At Convergence, we understand social media, and once we understand your customers, we can produce content for your social channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) that will delight and engage your customers and help find you new ones.

Each social channel is different and its communications, content and purpose will vary from channel to channel.  If you are simply posting the same thing over multiple social channels then you are not optimising your social performance and certainly not enhancing your customer relationships.

Which social media channels your business should concentrate its efforts on, and to what extent, will be determined by the target audience research phase in the development of the initial Digital Strategy.

Community Management and Social Media Distribution

Community management is all about building, growing and managing your brand or your business across your social channels; creating conversation opportunities with your customers, and involving them in your brand whenever possible.

At Convergence, we can assist you by producing your content, distributing it across the right social channels, monitoring your channels on your behalf, and managing your communities by responding to and engaging with your customers. In time, it may be appropriate for this activity to be undertaken by a suitably trained employee at your organisation.