pr writing


Convergence writers are trained to follow some golden rules – keep communications clear and consistent, minimise use of jargon and ‘corporate-speak’, and create good flow. We select each word and craft each sentence carefully to ensure your text engages with  readers, viewers and listeners.

Like all public relations consultancies we’re adept at writing media releases, website content, newsletters, corporate brochures and annual reports. We’re also contracted regularly to write DVD scripts, technical summaries, speeches and have particular expertise penning editorial opinion pieces on behalf a diverse range of clients.

Storytelling is a central aspect of the communications process. Before writing was developed, humans relied on the spoken word, notably oral histories and, as a result, our brains are hard-wired to be receive information in a narrative format. An inbuilt receptiveness to ‘stories’ also means the most effective communications involve weaving emotional touch points around the basic facts.